03 March, 2006

Its like a Jungle Sometimes - it makes me I wonder how I'll keep from going under

Richard Bailey is not the only one who has got me wondering - well as my lecturer it is his job. Although apparently I'm not the only one, Chloe is perplexed by it all too. In fact everyone for years has been commenting on it. There is even a whole blog set up about it! Why are there so many women in PR and why is it mainly men at the top?

It is implied that women in PR will succumb to the 'glass ceiling' theory, possibly because the men bosses will take pity on the boy applicants - Lord knows why they are out numbered 5 - 1 (or possibly that's why) - hire them and take them under their wing thus enabling them to reach the top to hire more boys... etc etc. Meanwhile the women hang about largely indistinguishable from each other and therefore going nowhere.

Its like those nature programmes where everyone wants to see the big lion, but actually it is a pack of fairly indistinguishable females who do all the hunting etc whilst the male lounges around playing cards and scratching himself, getting all the popularity in the process.

Now I am not suggesting that this is the way with all PR agencies. But I think it is important that the perceived 'glass ceiling' in PR is effectively removed - after all PR is viewed as modern and exciting and new. For any aspect of the industry to be viewed as archaic will be damaging to that reputation. I am not suggesting that women are picked purely because they are women, but that girls studying PR need to make a concerted effort to be taken seriously within the workplace, and bosses need to be aware that whilst they should not compromise their 'best person for the job hiring' they should be aware of the image they are projecting.

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