11 March, 2006

Behind the Spin - New Horizons?

As I am sure you are all aware I wrote an article for the current issue of Behind the Spin. This was an excellent experience and really forfilling - in fact it is what convinced me (well that and Richard Bailey) to start this blog and continue writing. If you wish to read it there is a link.

Anyway that was months ago. Before Christmas before dissertation hell, before even (gasp) I had a blog! The reason why I bring it up now is that John Hitchins is applying for a National Teaching Fellowship to develop Behind the Spin into new territories. Very exciting you may squeal but wait, there's more.

The application requires evidence that the magazine has "promoted and enhanced the student learning experience" and supported colleagues in other universities who wish to "stimulate learning."

What?! How can the magazine be anything but a way of stimulating learning. For my own article I learnt so much on my chosen subject (and no not just the practical side), and also about research and writing. Especially writing. To have to justify the learning benefits that are so clearly obvious is madness, and why need to spell it out when you can just send them a copy and be done?

But I wonder just how big the Behind the Spin mag can really get? I reckon it could go all the way - a kind of student version of PR Week, perhaps with constant updates online too (like the Guardian Unlimited), or monthly interactive DVDs, and a constant blog (natch).

The possibilities are endless.


Anonymous said...

I think the correct spelling is fulfilling.

Alex Pullin said...

Oops! Cheers! Sometimes i get overly excited and i type too fast!