26 March, 2006

Thinking Forward...

Some students of Auburn university in Alabama have set up Forward to help and guide all those starting out in PR (like me!). Their managing editor Erin has already got a really sucessful blog of her own and has brought together a group of students, practitioners and lectuers to 'provide a comprehensive, ever-evolving, online springboard for students and young professionals in PR'. Really cool stuff.

I am a little behind the times it seems, but spreading the word futher is going to do no harm.

The website is full of career advise, basics, and pretty much anything you would wish to know about going into the industry. I've only been on it briefly but already I can see that this is going to be so helpful to me over the next few months!

They are also open to contributions (I think I might have a go if they will let me!) whether you want to leave a one off or undertake regular postings. As far as I am aware they haven't got any regular British writers - So get in quick!


Chloe said...

Alex, I'm aware of the website too and think it's going to be a great support for PR students all over the world!

I was asked about contributing something to the site and I'm seriously considering it!

What better way to get out there and get known whilst also helping other people (perhaps).

Alex Pullin said...

And a great piece for your portfolio, which you were worrying about! You should definitely take this wonderful opportunity.