20 February, 2007

Five things, yaddi yadda

OK so my own rumours of a comeback were slightly exaggerated.

Well no, actually, we all wanted this (I say we...) except, it seems, my PC (who has transpired against me from the start by breaking my mouse and so leading to many a frustrated argument with said PC) so with no less then three offers to continue this meme (step forward Simon, Alex and god knows who else) I give you the five things you didn't know about me:
  1. There is no food that I do not eat. No, really. There is nothing that I cannot stomach. Having said that there are somethings I wouldn't pick off a menu, (tinned custard) but, aside from that, it's all good. Generally the hotter the better.
  2. I have a name for my PC, he is called Marvin. Don't ask, if you have to you, you haven't got the (now lame) joke
  3. I have a Duke of Edinburgh award, in fact, I have Bronze and Silver. With Gold I still have to complete my 'fitness' segment (having done the 50 miles in four days carrying your life on your back part), and that I have to do until I am 26 and so am in no hurry...
  4. I have travelled in Nepal (I was 16) and America (extensively, aged 18). To my shame my knowledge of Europe is pitiful having only seen Portugal, Spain, Ibiza (plus the Islands), France, Andorra, Greece and Belgium.
  5. I am dyslexic. But also a complete wordaphile. Which is what made me stick at the English language and not give up (the English language that is, not being dyslexic. And by 'give up' I mean that all the while I was being re-taught the alphabet like a cretin, I was devouring books - literature-wise, not literally). To be fair after an awful time at a particular secondary school, my love of the language has helped me through and so am one of the few people to lovingly tend to phrases, and perhaps, it is that very reason why I started a blog.

And I know it isn't customary, but the last truth made me think of a few of my favourite adjectives; incandescent and apoplectic, both generally mean to be lost for words.

As far as recommending people to continue this, I don't think I will. Partly because I have had to borrow this laptop and so don't have time. But partly because if you know a person and you read enough, you can tell anyway.