29 January, 2008

I've Moved!!

Thanks to the marvellous advise of all of you I have run away from home and joined Wordpress.

The new address is:


As ever I am still unpacking and other moving euphemisms, so I have to sort out the blogroll and everything, pop by for a cup of tea and admire the new views and tread mud into the new carpets...

17 January, 2008

Spring cleaning the blog

I have been whinging about it long enough. Well, not out loud and not constantly, that would be embarrassing in public places, but OCCASIONALLY I have commented in a dissatisfied manner that I should sort out how this page looks. I've also been told by (I'm sure) well meaning people that this looks bad (not the word used).

I throw my hands up in despair. My knowledge of HTML is limited and the templates that Blogger gives me aren't the best. Does anyone have any recommendations for what I can do to spring clean my blog?

All suggestions welcome.

16 January, 2008

Scrabulous shutdown

According to the BBC, Facebook have been ordered to remove the Scrabulous game from its website by Lawyers for toy makers Hasbro and Mattel, who say it infringes their copyright on the board-based word game.

Now I may be over simplifying things but it seems to me that they have missed a trick here. According to the Beeb the add-on regularly racks up more than 500,000 daily users. I can't remember the last time I played it for real. So it would appear that an otherwise fantastic brand revival is being thwarted, just for the sake of pride from the manufacturers. As one message on the 'Save Scrabulous' group wall reads:

I didn't have any Scrabble sets when I started playing Scrabulous a few months
ago. Since I got hooked on that I have bought two sets.

Of course, there is more to this than meets the eye.

Now the real issue stems from who owns the rights to the game in the first place. Confusingly Hasbro owns rights to the game in the US and Canada while Mattel has rights everywhere else in the world. So perhaps in the race between these two to cash in on the growing popularity, they are destroying the very cash cow that laid the golden egg (as it were). How foolish.

15 January, 2008

Gizmodo at CES

Some of us didn't get to go to CES (one day, one year) but it amuses me to see that not everyone was having a great time there. Several stands suffered a series of technical problems that were entirely to do with the bad men at Gizmodo.

A nightmare for the people at the affected stands, rather funny for the rest of us. But have Gizmodo gone too far? Apparently the guy responsible has been banned from CES in future, but what about the rest of the team. As someone points out on the site; Some of those booth people are pretty touchy and have long memories. Could this mean their chances of interviews, freebies and exclusives have been switched off too? What about sponsorship for the site?

Bloody funny though.