22 April, 2006

Rated or Slated?

I have been reprimanded for not posting recently - I apologise profusely. There will be further posts I promise and I shall tell you all about the prep for the interview.

I have also managed to gain a google rating of importance. I really don't want them to take it away and it is very flattering to be rated 5/10, but how do they work it out? For example - on their scale I am more important than the BBC Radio One homepage (4/10), again flattering but misguided I think.

I would also like to say that yes, I heard the rumour that PRWeek have interviewed me about the contraversal post a while back. But no one from the magazine has contacted me in regards the this so I have to say that it does look unlikely. I wonder what their take would be on the whole thing.

10 April, 2006


Sorry I haven't been particularly good about writing recently, I will endeavour to do better in future. In all honesty there really hasn't been a fantastic amount to report.
I have been working full time at Genius Creative PR now that they have moved to Harrogate. (Check out the website - it's finally up and has been a bit of a labour of love for Paul!)
Currently working on 20/20/02Vision and getting some great pieces for my portfolio - which is the next major stress!
I will be travelling down to London for the bank holiday weekend - hopefully missing the vast amounts of people who take the four day weekend as an excuse to go to the country. This will be where I can really crack on with the portfolio.
The portfolio, I reckon, is possibly the most important thing that you have and so it has to be first rate. In recent years I have not particularly excelled in this area (much to my frustration, because although they were not poor grades I felt I should have got better) and so this year all the stops are being pulled out. I will also have to take it with me to interviews so that makes it all the more important. I just hope that this year I get it right!
You will know more as and when I do.

03 April, 2006

New Opportunities...

Finally my first ever interview for a graduate scheme - Edelman has replied!

I am to go there on the 27th of this month for a day of tests and tricks to tell whether I am what they require. There shall be intelligence tests, presentations and other skill tests - I'm rather looking forward to it, actually - I haven't done anything like that for ages!

It has really hit home that I shall be graduating in just a few short months. Feels very odd - far too grown up and somehow right, very strange.

Gosh once I get a job I will have to be adult about things and understand insurance and mortgages. I will buy shoes because they won't hurt my feet or disintegrate within one month, rather than because they are red, pointy and shiny, and I shall take up gardening and listening to the archers... such things are expected of sensible people, or so I imagine. Or maybe that's the elderly...

Anyway I ramble, I am really excited about my first interview, and although I am very pleased I hope it won't be my last, that way I stand a better chance that I will land the job that is perfect for me(please) and it won't matter so much if things do not work the way I would like on the 27th (although I really want them to).

That's rather sensible isn't it?

01 April, 2006


Well the dissertation has been handed in and I have slept solidly for the first time in weeks!
I have checked with my dissertation tutor and once I get the mark back I can pop it in Writely and put a link on here if you are interested?

Now to go and celebrate!