22 April, 2006

Rated or Slated?

I have been reprimanded for not posting recently - I apologise profusely. There will be further posts I promise and I shall tell you all about the prep for the interview.

I have also managed to gain a google rating of importance. I really don't want them to take it away and it is very flattering to be rated 5/10, but how do they work it out? For example - on their scale I am more important than the BBC Radio One homepage (4/10), again flattering but misguided I think.

I would also like to say that yes, I heard the rumour that PRWeek have interviewed me about the contraversal post a while back. But no one from the magazine has contacted me in regards the this so I have to say that it does look unlikely. I wonder what their take would be on the whole thing.


Simon said...

Hi Alex

I don't whether you've seen it but PR Week does report on your blog in last week's (21.4.06) issue!!

Richard Bailey said...

Google appears to favour blogs over static websites. The in-built advantages of blogs are the linkiness of the medium, and the emphasis on fresh content.

Anonymous said...


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