23 March, 2006

He ain't heavy...

Chloe is right this whole blogging phenomenon is very infectious! More and more people are getting themselves involved and it is pleasing to see.

I was talking to my brother earlier and even he is interested and wants to know what to do and where to go. He is a first year student at Nottingham University studying Psychology so I reckon it will be great. He assures me that he will let me know his address as soon as he sorts one so I will post a link from here! This goes for any other new bloggers out there as well.

Blogging is a fantastic way of communicating and getting your opinions out there. I have commented before that it does get rather addictive, but this is by no means a bad thing. Often a blog will force you to read further into your professional area. As well as examining your own beliefs. Blogs also are an easy way of getting acquainted with a subject you were previously unsure of, after all there are experts out there expressing their superior wisdom and all you have to do is tap in.

Although having said that it is not all easy sailing and quite often I have to look things up!

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ashok said...

The specialized knowledge some blogs give is actually a rare thing; generally, I've found blogs to be a good introduction to how people in certain fields think, and sometimes introduce me to new things, things I hadn't seen before.

One expert blog I recommend is tiara.org, where Alice Marwick does her best to keep up with technology and understand its relation to technology. She asks really good questions, and gets one inspired to look at the web differently.