03 March, 2006

Alex - just a guinea pig?

Well I have allowed myself to become an online experiment! All part of Stuart Bruce's master plan. My CV is now posted on Writely and any changes people want to make are all welcome.

Do you think my CV could benefit from your expertise?

Anyone who wants to collaborate needs to be ok-ed by me so email me if you want to be involved! This should not only help me improve my CV but also see what people judge to be the most important things on a CV.


Simon Collister said...

I ought to add to your CV on Writely... but can't work it out! So instead I'll just say that my only comment is: consider changing the line about your computer ability that says "able to operate most other office appliances" cos when I read it I thought of fax machines, kettles, doors, water coolers etc!


Alex Pullin said...

Ha ha excellent! Well I can operate all those as well but perhaps that should be revised! Cheers Simon