03 March, 2006

My Rubbish CV

I went down to the placements office the other day with my CV - I was not entirely sure how to spruce it up but there was definate sprucing action needed. I love the placements office, and although I know that it was the right choice for me to continue without it, wish I had considered taking a year in industry just to spend some time in there!

Well, 2 hours later and my CV was covered in pen. Apparently nothing was right and none of my achievements clear. Despite this I was really impressed - they were not patronising, just really helpful. I reckon I have the makings of a killer CV now - hurrah!


Stuart Bruce, PR Consultant said...

This post has given me an idea. I don't know if you want to take it up, but I'm sure that some PR student should. Pop over to my blog to find out what it is. If you decide to go for it then I'll promote the idea on my blog which should hopefully get several senior PR people interested in taking part. The post is at:


Stuart Bruce, PR Consultant said...

One other tip before you start. Spell check your blog before posting. The free Google tool bar has a spell checker. Having mistakes in a post about a CV is sure to invite criticism.

Alex Pullin said...

Cheers Stuart. Sometimes the spelling can go a little off the mark - I'm sure it doesn't look very professional!

Stephen said...

I think it's a good idea Alexandra. You can be the guinea pig! Muwah ha ha! [sinister laugh]

We'll get a few links up and ask for participation from the PR dinosaurs! Stuart's got enough clout to get a response.

I planned on doing something (remotely) similar by conducting a online survey asking PR people what attributes they look for in a graduate.

Side note: I use the Google toolbar when making comments like this and when I write a lengthy blog post I tend to write it in Word.

Works a treat! :-)

Alex Pullin said...

Cheers - lets really plug this thing - I reckon that it'll be a lot of fun.

And boys, no laughing at my CV!

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