17 March, 2006

The inner Librarian

The People from the Bad Pitch Blog are running a petition to end bad PR once and for all, which includes a map so that you can see where all the bloggers are. I think this is great - after all bad PR practices affect everyone in the industry, but also (mainly) because you can see where the majority of bloggers are.

Not that I am not for the cause, I just think its really fascinating to find PR people all over the world, sorted into categories of what they do (in-house, agency, etc). I find this kind of thing really interesting - maybe just because I am nosey - or perhaps it is my inner librarian coming through.

But I find it rather embarrassing that only Stuart Bruce and myself have signed up from the UK so far - where are you lot?!


Kevin said...

Alex - You are far from alone in being a UK-based PR blogger as well as a blogging PR student.

Where's everyone at?!

I'll send a few emails out to help encourage folks. In the meantime, thanks for the link!

Alex Pullin said...

Simon has also got himself involved to boost the UK representitives - slowly but surely world domination beckons?