08 March, 2006

The Joys... Of Marketing?!

One of my optional modules this semester was retail marketing. I wasn't really looking forward to it, after all I reckoned that it would just be full of the same PR girls who assumed that, because it had retail in the title, they could use it as an excuse to go shopping. So before I had even been to a lecture I was considering swapping.

Unfortunately most of the other options were Law and EC Business, which I longed to do for the challenge, but they are time consuming, often with loads of jargon to learn. After a discussion with Les Hamilton, one of the module leaders, I decided to stay on board.

(The conversation went something like this:
LH: You want to quit because you think it will be too easy and you will get bored?
AP: Yep
LH:So let me get this straight, you have your dissertation, your portfolio, you are retaking last semesters exam to improve on your grade and you have a pitch to assemble. And you want to quit a module because you won't find it difficult?!
AP: Errr...)

And I am so very glad that I did reconsider. I do find it a little obvious in places but I am genuinely enjoying being able to put all those years of working in the retail industry to some advantage.

So I don't particularly care whether some people turn their noses up at retail marketing, or question my loyalty to the PR cause, I've found something new that I am good at and that is always a joy.


Anonymous said...

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Alex Pullin said...

Well thank you Anon - excellent display of marketing. Although I am not too sure of that quote?