28 February, 2006

First Graduate Application Form Ends In Disaster.

I had an absolute nightmare yesterday. I had decided to apply for the graduate application scheme at edelman. They seem really supportive and the scheme looks really good. The cut-off point was the 28th Feburary, so I decided to email it over on the 27th.

The form was one of those standard, reveal everything about yourself and why you are you in 100 words max, kinda forms. But I thought I had put some good answers and was feeling fairly chuffed with myself and just wanted to get it off.

There was a bit you have to sign at the bottom, so the plan was to sign it and then rescan the entire 5 page document to send over to Edelman. Easy. Or so I thought...

Having scanned each of the pages and saved them as bitmap files the only thing standing between me and having some tea was to email it. Here I hit a problem.

Yahoo cannot send files that are over 10MB. shit.

So then I decide that compressing the file will help - as I am fairly computer savvy - I am once again quite chuffed at my brilliance imagining the people at Edelman seeing this as resourceful, etc and full of other qualities they look for in a graduate. Not to be. The compressed file is over 10MB.

At this point feeling really dis-heartened. I decide to send each page off separately just to get it out. All of my former smugness crushed and my longing for tea forgotten. Right now I need a cigarette, thus destroying my so-far sterling efforts to quit - this does not improve my mood.

The emails (all five) get sent off. Feel like a complete amateur.

Checked my emails this morning. There are four mail delivery failure messages. They only got the first page with my name.

A severely unhappy bunny I posted it this morning. I've probably missed the deadline and therefore will not be considered.

Oh well plenty more opportunities out there, as long as my email never lets me down again...

And if you are from Edelman. I tried!


Stuart Bruce, PR Consultant said...

How unfortunate Alexandra. However, don't give up hope. You're revealing something about your personality and PR ability right here on this blog. Pick up the phone and explain your problem. The worst that could happen is that you're still not considered. The best is that they are impressed by how hard you are trying.

Also a bitmap is not the best way to send a form back. Next time try a PDF, a quick google will reveal several free PDF creators. Or why not just embed your signature in the original form.

Alex Pullin said...

Thank you for the advise Stuart. I did phone them and explained the problem and they were really cool - they just told me to post it (snail mail style) and that they would accept it - they even siad they would phone me if it wasn't with them in a couple of days! so thank you to Rebecca Hall from Edelman - God that makes me sound like a right suck up doesn't it?! :-)

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