13 February, 2006

Is it too soon?

Is it too soon to consider job seeking? I only wonder because I don't want it to get to June and to have not got a job, and face many more month living with my parents before I can afford to move out.


Anonymous said...

It's never too soon - though it can easily be too late.

Paull Young said...

I had a two month holiday before starting work, and I'm glad that I had some time off.

Many of my peers have gone straight from studying into the workforce with no real break. A few of them are already showing signs of burn out.

Definately start having a look around, but take some time to debrief from uni.

As I've said on my blog in the past, your PR career is a marathon - not a sprint.

By the way, I like the blog, look forward to becoming a regular reader.

LeverWealth said...

Why not get the job and delay the start date. best of both worlds and.... The market for PR people who are bloggers will improve all the time.