07 February, 2006

Behind the Spin Article - I am published!

Today I finally get my hands on the finished and printed Behind the Spin Magazine. For those unaware of it, BtS is a CIPR magazine exclusively for PR students. I am not a member of the CIPR for reasons that I shall go into later, but they have printed my article of mine in the latest edition (number 12). Which will go wonderfully in my portfolio, and also give me a little satifation of something achieved.

The article title is 'Cooling the Flame - exploring why teenage girls smoke- and apparently takes up a few pages. I have not yet seen a copy but will have one by this afternoon (although those who have seen it say it is very good - but my own standads are somewhat higher.)

For those interested in reading it, it is only avalible to CIPR students, but there has been a copy posted on the Behind the Spin website avalible to everyone.

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