28 August, 2006

That was the week that was

So my first week as a go-getting Lewisian... Well despite the unnerving feeling that I was asking a lot of questions that I ought to know the answer to, and pretty much forgetting everyone's names on Tuesday, I think it is going well.

I am currently in the process of remembering who everyone is and what clients they work for. I am also researching my own clients and undergoing training. I have also succumbed to tea and coffee making (sorry Richard).

Rumours of my death due to sudden early mornings were very greatly exaggerated. While it is true that the early starts are very different to my usual unemployed routine (I’m up a whole five hours earlier), I am suffering less than everyone (myself included) anticipated.

I have also spent a lot of the week seeking out someone who speaks Polish. I am just curious as I have received a lot of referrals from this site. Unfortunately I cannot read it, perhaps someone can help?


Owen Lystrup said...

You make it seem so attractive and irrisistable in your plainly spoken, "no frills" way.

I can't wait to get there though.

Isn't it part of the excitement?

Congrats, by the way. I don't recall if I ever said it, but it's definitely warranted.

Alex Pullin said...

Thank you Owen.

It IS attractive and irresistable I'll have you know! I'm still not exactly sure what I can write about (spies everywhere etc), but rest assured I am very very excited!

Jo Hindle said...

Oh my god!!! Someone actually employed you!! Have they found out what a daft idea that was yet?! Just kidding...I'm sure you'll take them by storm.

Can't help on the Polish though I'm afraid.

Good Luck Hun

Alex Pullin said...

Cheers Jo... I think!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alex

Question from a fellow young tech AE...just what is it about tech that has "drawn" you in?

I'm sure you'll breeze this as it is a classic job interview question!!

Welcome to technology PR!

Alex Pullin said...

Well anon - this is a classic interview question!

I was drawn into Tech PR as technology, be it gadgets, internet based applications or the corporate side, has always interested me. What always captured my imagination was that there was always capacity to learn more and be involved in a variety of different styles of PR. Tech allows me to blend all the skills I had learnt on my PR course, as well as my Economics A level and my rather geeky interests.

But that is just me, I don't know how other people get into it, but I'd guess it is for pretty much the same reasons.

Richard Millington said...

If you were a vegetable, what colour would the clouds smell of?

Stephen said...

I know who your mysterious refer is. He's a colleague of mine, Maciej LasoĊ„, from the Poland office.

Hope all is well Miss Pullin.

Philip said...

Within a few days of you starting work the Daily Telegraph is getting all worked up about the Wages of Spin; I was disappointed it was about nothing more than a few extra PRs in government - I thought you'd written something really interesting and reaped the whirlwind...

Alex Pullin said...

I know, first I was 'slammed' by the Tories and now apparently the taxpayers are funding me - who knew?

It is rather flattering, Philip, that you think of me with the phrase 'wages of spin', lord knows I wasn't the first to come up with it!

Alex Pullin said...

Stephen, please pass on my details to your Polish colleague - and tell him that I have been trying to translate it for days now. Seriously - it keeps me awake at night!

Maciek said...

Alex, www.pr20.blox.pl is my site :) That was a note about getting new job via blogging. I mentioned you as an example of succes - a heartworming one - for polish bloggers ;)
www.pr20.blox.pl is about blogs, cosialc networks & any other stuff connecting PR wiht Web 2.0
As i can see, you got lot of my friends from Edelman ( I'm SAE in polish office) on your roll :)

Maciek said...

Of course there should be "social networks" - sorry for mistake :)

Alex Pullin said...

Wow thank you Maciek! My Polish is a little non existent and so I was a bit worried - it is very flattering to have blogs talk about you in a different language!