21 August, 2006

This is the story of how Alex got offered a job…

I was sitting about in my pyjamas at about midday on a Thursday. This makes me sound an awful slob, but the pyjamas are more of a uniform for the unemployed. A holey jumper is also a necessity, but because it was warm mine was merely nearby.

Now at this juncture (only three lines in), you may well be wondering what all the detail is about. Alex, you could say, we neither care nor want to know about your holey jumper or pyjamas, seeing as these things are not strictly integral to your employment story. I would have to answer that this is one of the big moments in my life – my first proper, grown up job – and I want to set the scene correctly.

So I am sitting there in my pyjamas at this very computer, most probably contemplating having a cup of tea, when the phone rings. On the phone is a lovely lady called Julianne. Julianne is a HR Executive at Lewis PR and a very nice person with whom I had had two interviews with over the last two weeks.

You can probably guess why she was phoning. She was offering me a job. She gave me the weekend to think about it. I spent the whole weekend being very excitable. Last Monday I accepted.

So now I am the newest Account Executive at Lewis PR. This means I have a job title, possibly a desk and (very exciting) a wage. This makes me a grown up. I shall have to start doing sensible, grown up things like owning a shed, discussing house prices and listening to the Archers (maybe not). The time of pyjamas at midday is over; holey jumpers shall be cast aside. The relentless tedium of unemployment will be over and merely a memory. I am employed!

So there you have it, one of THE moments of my life. The prospect of employment can be daunting, but I can’t wait! I know I shall receive excellent training and the opportunity to work with some of the most exciting clients and co-workers available. And I would like to thank all at Lewis PR for this chance.

Today is my first day, so wish me luck!


Richard Millington said...

Sounds like you are doing your Wall Street impression...

"life all comes down to a few moments, this is one of them"

Have a good time, it's very fun. Be sure to avoid making coffee and stuff.

Stephen Davies said...

Woo hoo! Well done Alex!

Have fun!

Sam Oakley said...

Congratulations Alex.
Two things however.
1. You posted that at 6:53 am (this is a time that only employed people can justify being awake at.)
2. Plese, please draw the line at the today program. I have been employed for a while now (nearly a year) and have, on more than one occasion listened to the archers. Learn from my mistakes - don't, for the love of god, get sucked into the world of underhand affairs and agricultural skullduggery that is Ambridge.

Philip said...

Well done, Alex! I look forward to reading how you get on.

Simon Collister said...

Congrats, Alex!

Before long you will have a small stick lurking in a garage or shed. You will use this for stirring pots of paint. Enjoy!

Paull Young said...

Good on ya mate!

I'll have to update your blurb on the Young PR squidoo lens.

Lewis have picked up a goody methinks.

Richard Bailey said...

The wages of spin indeed. Congratulations on the appointment - and also on living up to the promise of your blog.

Rob Skinner said...

Great news, Alex -well done. Hope your first day went well.

Don't feel you have to rush into shed ownership. I didn't get my first until I had clocked up 10 years of employment!

Ed Lee said...

congratulations, it's been a long time coming - i just hope Lewis is deserving of your talents!


James Barbour said...

Sitting around in your pyjamas, pah. It was more than a few years ago, but I was definitely still in bed when the letter (letters in those days ...) arrived offering me mine.

Seriously, though, congratulations. Welcome to the 'grown up' world - hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

So the adventure begins...time to don the killer heels and executive brief case. Just remember to take off the pyjamas beforehand....

All the best

Alex Pullin said...

Wow-ee thank you everyone! I'm really very flattered.

I promise not to become an Archers follower (Sam), not to quit blogging (Philip), not to buy a shed too soon (Rob), to dress like Joan Collins where possible (Heather), to try to live up to the hype (Paull, James, Ed and Richard), to not be coffee b*tch everyday (Richard) and Simon, isn't the paint stick more of a Dad thing? I promise not to become one of those either... But most of all I definitely promise to have fun!

Sugarblade said...

"So I am sitting there in my pyjamas at this very computer" ... Why I ask myself, were you using MY computer... Especially at 6 in the morning. I am somewhat confused.

"This makes me a grown up." Need I make comment here? If that makes you a grown up... Then that also makes me a grown up. This is something that I am just not willing to accept.

Well done Alex. Welcome to the real world... Its overrated!

jlopezmc said...

Hola Alex,
Welcome on board and congratulations for this blog!
Best regards from Spain,

Karel Mc Intosh said...

Congrats. Maybe now you can take a holiday in the Caribbean :)

Richard Millington said...

so how did the first day go?

Blogocorp said...

Congratulations from Spain, Alex!
How are you after the first week? We're waiting for your post!

Tara Lynn said...

Congratulations to you! I can understand the excitement that comes from the phone call with a job offer. I actually just started in July at my first job and am loving it. I've also recently begun my first PR blog and I am sort of getting the hang of things...slowly. Looks like you certainly know what you're doing - so many views and posts!