15 August, 2006

RIP blogging?


I worry about the state of blogging when its explained on Richard and Judy, even if it is by my hero Dave Gorman.

Does this mean its dead or am I being a snob?

On reflection: Probably being a snob, as surely more publicity for blogging will only add more people to the conversation.

But on the eve of my 23rd birthday I am clinging to anything that keeps me youthful, and anything that I do being explained on Richard and Judy makes it very uncool. It puts blogging on a par with stories of gadgets from the 1950's that still work and couples who win big on fruit machines. Surely it is more important than that?

UPDATE: R and J fail to kill blogging

Having just watched Richard and Judy (the first time in ages - has it always been so banal?) they touched more on the ridiculous blogs of the bizarre and mildly insane. This created the impression that bloggers were all slightly odd egotistical creatures celebrating their own eccentricities. Which may be true, but there was no mention of the possibilities of corporate blogging, educational blogging and collaborative blogging.

So the whole story was not represented - but then what do you expect? It is annoying that all the blogging possibilities were not explored but you need longer than a ten minute section.

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