02 August, 2006

Get the Forward Podcast! Now!!

As brand new PR people, we should all be regularly checking in at Forward, not to mention downloading their wonderful Podcast. Although Forward is meant for PR students, I can't help but think that there must be some old school PROs listening in and learning as well. And as regular readers of 'Wages' will know; in my book, anything that can help stimulate continued learning, has to be pretty cool.

Especially this fortnight, where Richard Bailey (of Leeds Metropolitan University) along with Robert French (of Auburn University in Alabama) and Luke Armour ( the author of Observations of Public Relations) impart some of their pearls of wisdom to Paull Young. You can get the podcast from here.

This is absolutely essential listening to anyone hoping to have a career in PR. Especially anyone who is thinking of taking a PR degree and wants to see what they are letting themselves in for! Although in some places Forward can offer us a rather 'American' view of PR student life, it is all still massively helpful and regular contributions by some of the best PR Academics (like our Richard) help to keep it relevant no matter where you are listening.


Paull Young said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the podcast Alex - I really enjoyed putting it together.

I would have loved to have had the opportunity to have studied under Richard or Robert - so it was great to get a few pearls of wisdom from them.

I'm interested you think that Forward sometimes offers an 'American' view of PR student life. I haven't really noticed that myself (coming from an Aussie PR perspective). In fact - I'm often surprised just how similar PR students are from the UK, the US and Down Under.

Alex Pullin said...

Forward can offer a rather American view through its blog. As is highlighted by the recent 'the American reputation abroad' train of conversation, and also due to the fact that the American system of getting a job in PR is subtly different to that in the UK, with a lot more emphasis on internships and (it seems) slightly more competition to get on the bottom rung. (Although I think that every PR student should do as many internships/work placements as possible.)

But in most cases, like you say Paull, there really are not that many major differences. For example, I find that a lot of comments about the PRSA can also be relevant to the CIPR. Those major differences that remain can also be educational for anyone hoping to work in the US.

One of the wonderful things about sites like Forward is that even though you didn't study under Richard or Robert, you can still benefit from their experience and learn from them, without the university price tag!

Keep up the sterling work.

Richard Millington said...

Have to admit, I only recently found the time to get the Forward Podcasts, but they are quite great. Yes there is an American aspect to them, perhaps we need to get a good Brit alternative?

Paull Young said...

I think the 'American reputation abroad' train of conversation actually highlighted the global nature of Forward.

In the comments there was discussion from Americans alongside Brits, Canadians and a lone Aussie ;-).

There was also a lenghty discussion about it on the excellent Comms Cafe podcast that features Allan Jenkins in Europe and Lee Hopkins in South Australia.

You're right about the great benefit of those of us in other countries still having the opportunity to learn from great minds like Richard and Robert.

Richard - I'm surprised you think there is an American aspect to the podcasts! I'm on the opposite side of the world!

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