27 July, 2006

Some new social media

Following on from my previous post on social media I have a couple of new ones I have been playing with:

If you scroll down you will see that I am playing with Flickr. I am quite sheepish that it has taken me a while to come around to Flickr. I have Bebo and Ringo accounts but Flickr seems better. I can also post on my blog from my account at Flickr which is very clever! I really like the idea that members of my family around the world can also see my pictures too, as well as having a portfolio group of pictures for potential employers.

Another social media is LinkedIn. I was actually signed up to this back in May, but had completely forgotten (it was a hectic time). This is rather like the 'old boys network' online. I currently have 10 'connections' (a bit like MySpace 'friends'), and through these ten connections I am connected, by various degrees, to virtually everyone else on LinkedIn. The programme will tell you who connects you to your ideal network person, so you know who you can ask for introductions. For example I am connected to Paull Young and he is connected to Constantin Basturea. If I wanted to talk to Constantin I could ask Paull to introduce us.

Whether LinkedIn will be used as anything other than a popularity test remains to be seen but it is quite fun, so sign me up! Who knows it may help with the job hunting too?


Paull Young said...

You'd get an introduction IF I trust you ;-)

I'm still not sold on the usefulness of LinkedIn.

However, I do find it really interesting to read a resume style bio of my contacts. It's amazing what some people have done!

Constantin Basturea said...

If I wanted to talk to Constantin I could ask Paull to introduce us.

Or you could just e-mail me :)

Alex Pullin said...

But Constantin,

According to LinkedIn etiquette I have to ask Paull first. I would hate to go behind his back in such a public way. (My email is in my profile)


Firstly; I never wanted to go behind your back, it was Constantin all along...

Secondly; I agree with you in that I am unsure as to where LinkedIn could go next. Although it has it's appeals, it still fails to answer one of the most fundamental questions, that should apply to all social media - 'What is your basic purpose?'

In this capacity I am still unclear - is it a job hunting tool? is it an online CV or is it an ego-boost machine?

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