21 July, 2006

Bloggers Beware!!

Yesterday the BBC had this article on their website. The tag-line was:
As a growing number of people claim to have been sacked over their blogs grows,
what safeguards can bloggers take?

Now I don't know if this is scaremongering, whether it is the backlash against blogging as predicted by some at the CIPR Northern Conference or whether some people just don't realise (a trap that I fell in) just who reads their blogs.

It is worth thinking about. Blogging is merely conversation that others can see and contribute to. Sensible, conscientious Bloggers therefore have nothing to fear if they do not forget this.


Richard Bailey said...

I saw you on the stage at graduation today, but was sorry to miss you in the melee afterwards.

Risks and rewards: that's the truth about blogging. Congratulations on being willing to take a risk and revealing something of yourself in this blog. I'm sure it will help you in future. Let me know what develops.

Ed Lee said...

you definitely have to be aware of your audiences. knowing that people at work may read your blog and then adjusting your writing accordingly may save you a lot of trouble!

people may get their feathers up over the smallest comment if they feel it's derogatory and that they don't have the "right to reply". it's better not to overly criticise non-bloggers on your own blog.


Rob Skinner said...

Congratulations on your graduation.
On blogging, it's easy to overdo the risks. A blog is (almost always) public. We should apply the same test as we would for any communication. Would we be happy for an employer or client to see what we say? (Or our Mum!) Don't insult people, pick fights or give away secrets. That still leaves a huge scope for joining a thousand and one debates - and being yourself!
Good luck
Rob Skinner

Anonymous said...

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