10 September, 2006

Here I go again...

There are no excuses, it has been too long, I throw myself on the mercy of the blogosphere - deal with me as you will.

During my extended absence (sorry) I have been thinking of what to write, this obviously gets harder the longer you leave it. I have even got close to posting twice during my time away (sorry). But when push came to shove I couldn't press the publish button.

You see, there is a certain level of pressure at this stage in the game or at least you could perceive there to be pressure. The fear sets in if you don't post for a while. Will people still be reading? Will they never comment again?

But the biggest fear that comes from starting again; will I win them back? Will I be unable to remind the readers why they read in the first place?

So this is why I wasn't able to hit the publish button. There is a need for redemption and a comeback post should dispel any concerns in the reader that you have in some way lost it.

Your first post back need to be searingly funny, wildly academic, intrinsically philosophical and relentlessly innovative. The pressure can be immense.

Or you could just get back in the saddle, apologise and ramble on about comebacks, and remember that the only person that the blog has to matter to is yourself. The choice is yours.


Owen Lystrup said...

11 days? Now that's just way too long.

Wet noodle lashings ought to do.

Welcome back.

Alex Pullin said...

Erm... yes I'll be right on that...

Ged said...

Blog for your self, if you write about something that you care about and manage to capture that emotion in your posts the readers will eventually come.

Just don't give up the job at Millbank ;-) oh and say hello to Drew for me

Tara Lynn said...

Honestly, it makes me feel better about not being able to post as often as I would like.

I have only just begun my blog a few weeks ago, and even I feel pressure to post just to keep it current.

But at the end of the day, I figure we all ought to post only when we actually have something to say.

That's my two cents :)

Jonny Rosemont said...

I agree with my Master, Mr Ged Carroll. As his apprentice he taught me to blog about what interested me, only then will it be of interest to others. And even if they are not intrigued, we should do it anyway because for us to preach about how important it is as a marketing tool, we need to use it…it is our lightsaber.