23 June, 2006

Another Graduate day!!

Hurrah upon hurrahs, I have another training day with Hill and Knowlton this time.

Hill and Knowlton was recommended to me as a graduate scheme by my boss at Genius Creative PR.
The reason why I am so up on graduate training schemes is purely based upon the training aspect. I may have left university but I certainly don't know it all and would hope that this is merely the end of one section of my learning process, not the entire.

I know that a lot of my fellow grads are unsure of what will be expected of then in various sectors, despite university training. Graduate training schemes are very good for people who are interested in many different aspects of public relations and therefore can't commit to a specific sector (as they all sound so good). But also give you a chance to understand better exactly what is required from each sector through actually living it from day to day for periods of time. This added to fast track options and other perks I don't see why everyone doesn't apply!

So thank you to the Hill and Knowlton people and wish me luck for the 19th July.


Stephen Davies said...

Good luck! Like you, I love the idea of continually learning new skills after uni.

Do keep us posted ... if it's allowed of course.

Niall Cook said...

Of course it's allowed, Stephen - you know that ;-) It would be great to have some of our grads blogging as part of our Collection Conversation community.

Good luck, Alex. Hope you get to work for us.

Alex Pullin said...

Thank you to both of you for the kind words!

Although Niall if I get the job I would hope that I can continue with this blog as well as contribute to others. And of course I will still check on the day that I can report absolutely everything! ;-)