17 May, 2006

Well the results are in from Edelman.

There is of course the good news and the bad news. I have failed to secure a place in the next round of interviews. This is of course a set back. Rebecca was very willing however to answer any questions relating to where I could have gone wrong. Frustratingly they seemed to think that I had not fully prepared my individual presentation sufficiently, although I scored highly in all the other tests (especially grammar). This is of course irritating but there is little that I can do about it.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that one of the women there was Jackie Cooper, who heads up Edelman’s sister company JCPR. They represent more consumer based clients than Edelman. She was apparently impressed by me and is interested in giving me an interview on the 6th June.

I suppose, from the purposes of this blog that it would have been fairly dull if I had just strolled into a job straight off the bat. Now I represent the job seeking PR graduates slightly better, I will also have more time to write all about it again due to less academic constraints. I can also spend all my time preparing for June 6th and trawling PR Week Jobs, Guardian Media Jobs, Brand Republic Jobs, Monster, Reed, and the rest.

So although I am fairly annoyed that I have been knocked back, I have been offered a second stab. So I can take their criticisms on board and this time leave no doubt in their minds that I prepared fully for this interview.


Stephen Davies said...

Great attitude to have!

It would be boring if we went through life easily getting what we want. We wouldn't appreciate it as much.

Keep at it and best of luck for the next time.

Ros Dewey said...

Better luck next time Alex. Although I think this cloud has a silver lining - you may have a foot in the door at JCPR - which would be an excellent starting point in the world of consumer PR. I would love to work there myself - their SLAM division looks fab. Good luck.