16 May, 2006

BBC Interview

I hope that none of my interviews are this pressured! Guy Goma turned up for a job interview with a BBC website and due to a case of mistaken identity he was then interviewed live on BBC News 24 about the Apple vs Apple court case .

He says his appearence was "very stressful". I hope that he got the job, I reckon that he will possibly be the most memorable of all the candidates!


Rebekah Orme said...

Having commented on this story yesterday on the PR Class of 2006 blog, it is interesting the time it has taken for the BBC to officially respond and correct the press who (wrongly it seems) stated that Mr Goma was a taxi driver. Surely after the publicised confusion had passed, it would have become clear that Mr Goma was there for a job interview, so it just makes me wonder why; firstly, according to the Guardian, a BBC insider said that the wrong Guy was a taxi driver; and secondly why it has taken them until today to clarify the story.....3 days after much of the press have covered the mistake, and over a week after the actual interview occurred.

As mentioned in my original post, one of my recent projects involved considering what working in PR for the broadcast media would entail, and this incident just got the cogs thinking about it again, and how working in communications for an organisation such as the BBC involves undertaking many different types of reactive, as well as proactive, PR activities.

Anyway, thanks to the Beeb for the pure entertainment value of this incident!! :)

Simon said...

Rebekah, Guy Clappertin reported on this story via Guy Kewney's blog about Wednesday of last week.... so the mainstream media has taken ages in blog terms to pick on it!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering how YOUR big interview went. Have you heard from Edelman yet?

Rebekah Orme said...

Hi Simon, yeah I noticed that someone posted about this on the Digital Spy Forum on the same day the actual interview happened...yet the mainstream media picked up on it approximately five days later....(probably unlikely)but maybe they were saving it for the weekend editions of the papers to hit the Beeb as hard as they could....or maybe they were just slow off the mark, and were spurred on by the online discussion surrounding the incident!

Alex Pullin said...

To be fair I can't help but be a little cynical about the whole thing (as usual). Is this a genuine 'news' story or merely something to get bloggers and other media-ites discussing the BBC, placed by the BBC?

I know on the surface it seems like a gaff on their behalf but like you say yourself Rebekah, "thanks to the Beeb for the pure entertainment value of this incident!!". Surely it just goes to show that the BBC can make little mistakes (that are very 'low risk') and laugh at themselves. Thus promoting their friendly attitude.

And how many hits do you think the web page got? Loads I'll bet. Far from heads rolling I reckon that letting this stew on the internet and then coming public with the relevant information at just the right time, after an 'insider' said the wrong information, could be quite a clever ruse.

Or perhaps I am too cynical.

Anon: I have indeed heard from Edelman, see my most recent post.

Anonymous said...

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