19 March, 2007

'Who do you read?'

I realise there currently is the cult of Mr B going on, and it interests me just how, given the whole blogosphere mindset, why it is that everyone settles on the same few blogs (no offence to any of them). Is it because they have the insight? Is it because they jumped on the band-wagon at the right time? or maybe its because they are just humourous? Or perhaps they just post reguarly (I hope not)?

Well it got me thinking - which blogs or websites do I actually read? As in day to day. Well apparently nothing makes a good PR post, than some good, ol' fashioned endorsement. so here are the ones I like to read:

The Worlds Leading
Now I only found out about this from a freelance tech journalist who said to me; if you want to get ahead read this. And it is a must read. If you want to go into the Tech PR profession. Granted I am a little scared to put a link up to it, mainly because of the flaring I could get, but if you want to know your sh*it, this is what you need to read.

Holy Moly
If I can give you one tip in life (Baz Lurman style) it would be this: read Holy Moly and sign up to the weekly newsletter.

Please see above (I know it only comes out once a week and is non-conducive to the comment above but hey - its my blog)

Charlie Brooker
I would give, OK, maybe not my eye teeth but a lot just to be able to comand the prose like this man. There are certain times when I know, on my best day, I can never have comand of the language like he does and, as much as I hope, it won't happen. His Joe Mott column reduced me to tears of laughter and envy.

So thats it. Those are the things that make me want to write more and it annoys me I don't a) write like them and b) that I don't put more effort in so I can.

However there is one more link I give you (and I know Helen will kill me for this) if you are in London and you need the best networking event see these nights and get yourself on the list and hey, I'll see you at the bar.


Samantha Wilcox said...

Thanks for the tips Alex, can't agree about all of them but Charlie Brooker and Holy Moly in particular look great!

Richard Millington said...

Agree with most of them. Charlie Brooker especially is usually a great read.

I also love the photo caption competitions on the worlds leading blogger site.