15 November, 2006


Oh come on, you try thinking of a Bond style title that isn't going to have people thinking a) you're an idiot or b)... erm well, that you're an idiot.

The Bond film has been everywhere this week, which is good. Bond and Christmas go together very weel. They are always shown in the UK at Christmas time and usually include some snowy scenes or two.

Whoever is doing the publicity for this on is doing a fantastic job - it is everywhere. I know that Bond creates its own storm, and having her Maj attend the premiere isn't going to exactly keep it out the papers, but still, kudos to them. Currently there are 167 google news Bond stories.

But where to go from here? How can they keep the story going? I fear that the end for this story is close. But I'm sure Bond'll be back in a year or so.

So to play us out, from You Tube - the Bond theme, done badly...

Right I'm off to look at Daniel Craig coming out of the sea again...


Lydia said...

I know the feeling, but Daniel Craig is soooooo yummy. The only good thing about that film was the tight trunks, the rest of it just struck me as being a chick flick. I mean since when was James Bond marriage material?

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