21 March, 2006

Why is ambition bad?

Today I was assessed on 'the pitch' module of this semester. Our entire year got in groups and were given a brief from Harrison Cowley, we then Pitch to our tutors and the top four pitches would go on to present again for Harrison Cowley. The best group of those four wins £1,000 to make things a little more interesting.

The brief this year was on Gatecrasher, or rather the re-branding of the Gatecrasher image and the launch of Discotheque, their new club in Leeds (which has already opened but we were to imagine it hadn't). I think we did OK, I doubt we will be the ones picked - although it would be nice.

Now I do not mind working in groups, but I found this assignment particularly taxing. It wasn't just the timing - dissertation time is really when you want to be putting together mood boards and writing 'a short supporting document' that goes over 70 pages .

It wasn't a bad atmosphere as such, it was just that although the girls were friendly it was clear that we had very little in common. None of them for example had any desire to go into PR, with two of them admitting that they really should have done events management because 'its more fun'. There was just a complete lack of ambition that I have never understood, I got very odd looks just revealing that I want to (some day) have my own consultancy and want to be an account exec in the next 2 years and will go on to be a director of communications, or an MD or the like.

I am sorry to say that this group of unambitious peers are not remarkable - in fact most of my year seen quite happy to go and work in shops after they graduate, move back with mum and dad until m and d cave and buy them a flat ('I never want to pay my own rent' said one) and don't want to work in PR. Ambition is frowned on.

Its all very depressing - why would you lose three years, and get 9 grand debt not to continue? What happened to being proud of our ambitions and aiming high? Where did all the defeatism come from?
UPDATE: Some people seem to think that I was having a personal swipe at the people in my group - like I said in the post they were really friendly.
UPDATE 2: I will not be subjected to personal attacks on my blog. I don't mind criticism or disagreements and in fact, I encourage it to stimulate further discussion, but I will not allow personal and false comments from anonymous commenters who are not contributing to the discussion to remain on my site.


Alex Pullin said...

I really am very sorry that some people seem so upset about my blog. I was merely exploring why so few of my peers wish to go into PR at the end of a PR degree - something that we were discussing only the other day. I have removed any comments that were particually malicious or hurtful, there is no need as I did not intend my post to be read that way by others, and indeed that was not the point of the post.

sophie said...

Your surprised that people are upset about your blog? Are you mad? Could you have been any more insulting and rude. For some one who seems to love PR so much you dont seem to be able to communicate with people very well. These people are your peers, if you can't communicate to them, then who can you communicate with? I happen to know that the problems you had with your initial group was due to the fact that you threatened to have them removed from the Pitch module, and only contacting them 2 weeks before deadline. I cant understand how some one can go through three years of uni life and not have any people to work with? In response to your comment about ambition, have you spoken to the whole course? not likely, i happen to have a lot of ambition and no desire to work in a shop. And yes, i will be going home to live with mum and dad cause why should i throw money down the toilet when they are happy to have me and i can save to buy my own flat!!!! Personally i think PR is perfect for you actually, bitching, flaseness and ruthlessnes (in insulting people) are all qualities that will get you far in the industry... just one problem, how will you make any contacts when you seem totally unable to create even a professional relationship with fellow students. Dont remove this even if you do feel it is malicious cause you have tried to start a discussion and that is what you are getting. You make not like the responses but thats what you get when you give an opinion.

Anonymous said...

I feel deeply target by what you have written and feel that you have taken advantage of our kind nature! Many of the things that you have written gerneralise the whole group, where as if you had got your facts correct then you would be aware I do intend to go into PR!!! We are all ambitious and have alot to aim for. As for the comments on the mums and dads well where you got that from is beyond me

You have a very narrow mind perspective of people and by the sounds of it life. You were very lucky to have been invited into our group if this hadn't have been the case you would have failed!

If this is how you treat your fellow collegues I don't know how you intend to progress in to the world of PR. It is unprofessional and slanderous. I have a good mind to take this matter further.

Have your oppinion but don't twist or take things out of context to make your self look big or clever as it makes you look like a weak individual with a chip on her shoulder.
You have had your say now here is mine.
Have to say wel done to the founded comments Sophie!

You should be greatful not spiteful- And as for the 'short supporting document' like this took out much of your time with the small amout of time you actually invested in it.

p.s It is also courteous to reply to peoples e-mails!!

Amy Colwill

Alex Pullin said...

Thank you to all the people who have emailed support, do not worry. I am not going to allow myself to be drawn into victimisation for having an opinion (I have also received some rather 'passionate' emails about this post). I had no idea so many people read this blog!

University is only three years wasted if you go on not to use it. I have had a first class PR education at Leeds Met for which I am very grateful and would not have given that up for anything. I will not waste the learning experiences I have had here.

I am not going to remove any further posts because as those who support me have said; let the people who read it make up their own minds, and plus I have a dissertation to write!

Anonymous said...

Alex - in response to your original post, "Why is ambition bad?" I find it offensive and naive to believe that most of our year group lacks ambition?! who have you been talking to?

I like the blogging community and the idea and content of your blog. Your blog is your space and its whole purpose is for you to post your personal views that some of use may or may not agree with. Creating debate is positive...HOWEVER after reading several of your postings, I inherently disagree with many of your comments on the PR course and the people on it.

I also note that after viewing this vein of comments several times today, you have been quite deliberate in removing comments that disagree with your views - what are you achieving with this kind of moderation?

I do hope you keep this comment on here, I have chosen not to remain anonymous as I hope this adds more weight to what I have said.

Good luck with your dissertation.

Anonymous said...

There are so many issues raised by this chain of comments, including those surrounding ethics, control, visibility and transparency, that it could have been an excellent topic for a dissertation - maybe it will be! The very fact that I, as an outsider, am contributing to your thread shows the number of levels on which this discourse is being conducted (whether you are aware of them or not).

Anyway, best of luck with the dissertation you ARE doing!

David Phillips said...

Well to get Philip Young up and blogging at 8:46... WOW!

Perhaps we should spend more time in the academic year looking at culture and how organisations and people fit into cultures (its a bit of a hobby horse for me because I am promoting the concept that we are moving into a cultural economy).

This exchange is about people, values, relationships, reputation and lots more and I agree with Philip, it is an interesting case study. It has a place in the 'Relationship Value Model'.

It is also a study into transparency. Being anonymous and why people want/need to be is going to be worth exploring. Sociology is important in relationship management.

We are also seeing the examples of how the Internet offers Transparency, Porosity, Agency, Reach and Speed (its all in the stuff about Online PR - in the lecture notes and the book), with a transparent comment, reaching round the world fast with a lot of readers (Alex will have a very good idea about volumes etc if she is using one of the services you can deply such as http://www.sitemeter.com) and acting as an agent for people and as an agent because we find out about the content because machines have acted as agents as well.

So thnks for this..... A great experiment and fun to follow too.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind worrying about group work you need to sort that Chlamydia out

Anonymous said...

You go Alex. It's not your fault that we are on a course full of insecure, unambitious, pretentious, perma-tanned wannabes.

I agree with everything you say, I deteste these people who run back to Mummy and Daddy for money. It's pathetic.

Keep up the good work and you'll be MD in no time. Who needs mates when you've got a Merc in the drive?


Anonymous said...

Well atleast everyone here seems to have mates unlike old bisexual Alex

Anonymous said...

While I have been reading with interest, I thought I would point out that the post from 'Si' isn't me!

I can see why Alex is getting some flak... but I do feel that a lot of it is disproportionate. Plus a few of the points Alex raises are actually truer to the world of work than some might realise. In fact, I have worked in charity PR and believe me... it was bloody ruthless at times!

Alex Pullin said...

It is rather sad that some people have felt the need to attack me personally, as far as I knew neither my sexual health (which is fine) nor my preferences (which are unexciting) were under the microscope here.

I have left them up because quite frankly they are ridiculous, and only serve to make the writers look like idiots, not me.

I did change one line of the original document, and I added the update, where I had a couple of spelling errors which I then changed. Other than that there have been no other changes to the post.

Like I have said on Richard Bailey's site, I'm really not losing any sleep over this - I have a dissertation for that.

Alex Pullin said...

Also - OLD?! I'm only 22 Peter!

Anonymous said...

I've been reading the comments to this post pretty much from the outset and if I'm honest, I wasn't going air my thoughts. However, this has all got ridiculously out of hand. And I stress **ridiculous**.

Everyone's entitled to their opinion - just like Alex has done with this blog post. That's all it is - her opinion. Maybe she's regretting posting it? Maybe not? But instead of posting constructive comments, the majority (not all) have chose to launch scathing personal attacks on her which doesn’t reinforce your argument whatsoever. And the fact that many choose to be anonymous is not adding to your credibility at all.

If you disagree with this blog post, then by all means, air your views. But to get personal in the manner many have done is unbelievable. It really is. Is this how you would handle a crisis situation when you’re in the **real** world of PR? Instigate personal attacks on individuals, the media or rivals? I would hope not.

Welcome to the world of blogs people. It’s pure unadulterated untouched unfiltered opinion. And anyone can do it.

Alex: Take something from the constructive criticism but please ignore the childish, immature personal attacks.

Stephen Davies
PR student
University of Sunderland

and I've got to say I'm

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Sophie. Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, yes you seem to have ambition ( and good luck with that)but to generalise about the whole year group - being unambitious is a comment that is undeserved. The group who you were initially put with are actually my friends, and i know for a fact that you were particularly rude to them in an email - how do you expect a group to take you if you are that rude to them? As for the group you were eventually put with - surely you should be thanking them for letting you into their group (it is beyond me how you didnt manage to find a group for yourself!)at such a late stage - not slagging them off on a blog. PR is about communication, and if you feel you have to communicate in the way you have, well you are certainly a person on our course that i am glad not to have met.

As for the comment by our friend Simon, i think you are a materialistic dickhead. I know i would rather have mates over a merc anyday.

Mark Dorey said...

May I suggest your time would be better served finding yourself a Sensitive Man than bitchy about PR...

Feel free to browse www.myspace.com/sensitivemen

Anonymous said...

If you were going to remove over half of the posts, then you should've just removed them all It is not fair to have your 'original' posting still in tact plus all of YOUR responses, yet delete many of the constructive comments that were on there, whether anonymous or not. This paints a very biased picture for those who have not followed the discussion from the offset, and that is not what Blogs should be about. Interesting that you have kept the only two insulting comments on (out of 35), over many of the ones that comment on the issues regarding the original post, and draw conclusions about your personality and traits.

Alex Pullin said...

Melissa, I am afraid that the people in my first group are not telling the entire story. I do not wish to embarrass them on this blog but if you send me an email I will show you what eventually I was forced to show the year tutor, I was left very little choice and not through my own actions.

Some people in our year seem to confuse a good social relationship and a good working relationship. I agree that it can be advantageous, but it also has its drawbacks. I do not agree that because my friends are not in PR this makes me any less of a PR person and indeed, when we start working we will all be apart from our friends and be forced to make new ones (although I'm a little scared about that).

Generalisation is never good and I concede that I made a giant one in this post. And there are some ambitious people in our year. I am learning all the time. However there are people who are not going to use their degree in PR, in PR and I find that rather sad.

Anonymous said...

Although the PR degree is a very vocational degree I do not think it is necessarily a bad thing that people are not wanting to enter into the profession. The skills that we have all acquired over the years, such as communication are vital in any profession. In regards to ambition and how it has been linked in with materialism. It is more than likely that the person who has been stated in your first blog as wanting to open their own shop is properly going to make more money than a lot of us who will be entering pr. At the end of the day how more ambitious can you be than becoming your own boss.

Alex I must thank you as this has given me some light relief and has taken my mind off how far behind I am with my dissertation.

Ps Karleen and I think this would be a great idea to take this up as the debate at my party next Thursday! lol


Anonymous said...

Why do you find it sad if people are doing a degree in PR yet don't want to work in the field? get off your high horse love, ur making out by doing PR we're changing the world! Having a PR degree enables you to go into many fields of work. I personally don't want to work in PR but do want to work in a related industry so does that make me sad? I've made loads of friends and contacts on this course and bear in mind "its who you know not what you know" and I don't want to be disrespectful but if you carry on the way you do no one's going to open any doors for you. I have tons of ambition in fact, bucket loads and I'd also like to bet you that I make it as an md before you do, and bet that i'd have the flash car, tons of cash, and be flying first class. ooh I'd love to have it out with you on the jeremy kyle show! where do you get off!

I would like to applaude you though on having this blog as it has taken most people's mind off the dreaded diss!

Alex Pullin said...

I put this in an update yesterday but for those who haven't read the original posting. I will not be subjected to personal attacks on my blog. I don't mind criticism or disagreements and in fact, I encourage it to stimulate further discussion, but I will not allow personal and false comments from anonymous commenters who are not contributing to the discussion to remain on my site. only relevant stuff please.

Anonymous said...

Alex, i left a comment on your blog last night, which i think was justified and constructive yet you seem to have removed it. It wasn't rude, made no personal comments about yourself, such as some have done, but it's gone. Blogs are about freedom of speech and you should include all posts, rather than censoring them. Let all sides of the argument be seen by viwers of your blog, rather than just the ones most favourable to yourself.

Alex Pullin said...

Last night I got rid of all those comments where people were using anonyomity to take pot shots rather than contribute to the discussion. I got rid of a lot of them, some supporting me some not. There were a couple which were quite close to call whether they contributed to the conversation so where in doubt they were deleted.

Yours was probably one of those - have you thought about adding your name and being proud of your comments and opinions?

I am not apologizing for this, the point of this blog is to stimulate debate and discussion rather than have a slanging match.

Anonymous said...

Dude, why are you stressing??!!

It's final year and yes it's meant to be a time of hard work etc but we're also meant to enjoy our last few months as students and look back at the fact that we've made some amazing friends and achieved so much.

I fully understand the need to get somethings off of your chest but slating your group is a no no, it isn't exactly very professional.

If when you have your own consultancy, is this what you'll do if someone doesn't aggree or share your same view point? Not very professional and poor communication skills too, if you ask me.

Do you have any thoughts about your next piece of group work (Corporate Relations?)

Calm yourself down, enjoy what time we have left.


Anonymous said...

My bad

Do you have any views on your next piece of group work....

Specialist PR

Not Corporate Relations!

Alex Pullin said...

I'm actually really looking forward for specialist PR! The group I am in are really cool and I reckon the task is going to be so helpful for job hunting, as well as the fact that I have loads of ideas for it too.

But first I have to get this bloody dissertation out of the way!

In fact Bianca you have given me an idea about the Specialist PR - springboarded if you will - watch for up coming posts!

Hayley Downey said...

It is crazy how many people are talking about your blog, it’s certainly getting you popular, but not in a favourable way.

I think that it is quite sad that you felt the need to put down your whole academic year, to make yourself seem like the moral student and superior PR professional. Is the competition from your peers really that daunting? Maybe we should be flattered rather than offended?

After all is it not true that you failed 2nd year of your degree??? Even though these ‘Unambitious’ peers of yours managed to pass…

Or is this just another tale emerging from your ever-growing popularity?

What happened to team spirit and camaraderie among fellow scholars (at LMU)? It’s quite embarrassing to think that PR students from other universities and institutions will be viewing your blog.

Anonymous said...

I have been following this blog site since yesterday (with much intrigue and amusement, I might add!), but I've now felt it necessary to put my view forward.

I'm sorry to tell you, Alex, but I'm afraid your group doesn't show the same enthusiasm towards the Specialist PR module as you do! Well, certainly not now anyway....

To be honest, I think I speak for the other girls and myself when say that, after seeing and hearing all the things about your work ethic on this site and from other PR students on the course, you don't really install our confidence in you - You contact your group late; you fail to do pieces of work and leave other group members to do presentations on their own (although I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and I hope you're ok after your car crash!); you hold generalistic views, then make NO attempt to clarify who you're talking about (for all we know, you could just be talking about a select view on the course); you stereotype, and consequently partonise, your peers; and you seem to blame everyone but yourself! If your group was so bad, then why didn't you TALK to them?! I hope you take the same approach with me and the girls next month...

What worries me most is that you believe that "some people in this year seem to confuse a good social relationship with a good working relationship"!! Well, I'm REALLY sorry to disappoint you Miss Pullin, but Bianca, Amy, Anita and myself are ALL very, very close friends, and I hope that OUR frinedship doesn't get in the way of YOUR ambition! By the way, that is the same Bianca, Amy and Anita who were 1 of the 4 groups who won the "first round" of the competitive pitch (I didn't...ours was average!!)!! I guess that shows there CAN be a correlation between good friendship and good work!

It seems to me your biggest problem is talking your problems out with your work "colleagues" (they're clearly not your friends!....not anymore anyway!). So I'm saying this to you now, Alex - If you don't like the way OUR group works as a team, or anyone of us individually, then say it to our faces and we'll try to work it out. Coz I sure as hell don't want someone going behind our backs to get us chucked off a module.....as I beleive you've tried with others before us.

That's all I have to say. I don't need a response - I don't care for your reasons. I just want these last 2 months to be less stressful as they possibly can. Lets work together to get a 1st!!......(ok, 2:1, but don't tell the others I said that!!)


Anonymous said...

Here here..


Alex Pullin said...

Adam, Bianca and the rest -
Firstly congratulations on getting through to the next round, I hope it goes well for you.
Secondly I am all for aiming for a first on this specialist PR module and any problems we can sort out face to face, although I'm sure there won't be any.
My group for the pitch wasn't bad and I certainly don't hate everyone in the year, nor do I feel superior to or beneath anyone either! - I think this has been blown a out of preportion, and I suspect that it is probably my fault for being unspecific as you say. These are all things that I am learning from constantly.
I am still removing ridiculous posts that don't seem to add to the conversation. If you are a fan of sayings perhaps you could set up your own blog dedicated to them Carol?
Anyways I am going to get on with my dissertation - less than a week to go - oo-er.

Latrell Spencer said...

Hi Alex,

Nice posts. I thought the one using clichés was particularly amusing, perhaps you should add it back to the discussion?

I believe that it shows the creative element of some people who read your blog.

First of all can I make it clear that what you said in the original post does not offend me or upset me. We are all in the same boat with regards to our careers, so with the greatest respect I don't really care what an inexperienced undergraduate says about me or any of my peers.

On another note, can I ask you what you had hoped to achieve through your original post? I know that you must have had a reason for putting it on here, be it personal vendetta or a genuine lack of opportunity to air your opinions on your PR Course.

I must admit, if you were trying to boost your own profile among your peers then congratulations; it seems to have got tongues wagging, as they say. I'm not sure how you'll be perceived around campus but I'm guessing that you don't care. The 'Me Against the World' attitude will serve you well. I hope.

I honestly believe if you made a genuine apology to your entire course then interest in you will die down and you could get on with whatever it is you do.

Finally, if you are generalising your year that means you indeed are putting me into the category of lacking ambition. Which is fair enough, it's easy to generalise in times when people can't say what they honestly believe in fear of offending a person, a race, a religion. My only concern about your claim would be with regards to your dissertation. If you are prepared to make such statements without conducting research, what can this mean for your Methodology, Lit Review etc? You get the picture.

Thanks for giving so much food for thought!

All the best,


Anonymous said...

Well, "with all respect", Latrell, surely you're generalising yourself?!.....which is quite ironic!

How can you have any idea as to how "inexperienced" any of us Undergraduates are? And especially in comparison to Alex! Surely you don't know who's done what work where, with who, for how long, at what standard, etc. (and that's including Miss Pullin!).

Surely that in itself is patronising?! Especially if you're in our year, as you say you are! And if YOU are prepared to make such statements without conducting research, what can this mean for YOUR Methodology, Lit Review etc?

You get the picture?!......


Anonymous said...

Here here .....


Latrell Spencer said...

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the amusing response. Please take a moment and read through my post again.

I did in fact mean that we are all inexperienced; we are in the same boat. I think I can safely say without conducting research that everyone on our course isn't experienced to a high standard. Am I allowed to say that? Or do you want proof? Apologies if my message was misinterpreted.

This comment raises an interesting point. What are we allowed to say these days without having to back it up with evidence?

Also, I'm a little confused by your stance with regards to the original post. You seem to be sitting on the fence, ‘playing the nice guy’ if you will. May I suggest a career in politics?

“Easy white chocolate, I wouldn't want you to melt.”

Very best wishes,


Latrell Spencer said...

Another response!

Dear Bianca,

Thanks for your reply. I see you are fond of the phrase "Here here". Perhaps you could add some more words to it next time.

Best regards,


Anonymous said...

And how exactly am I sitting on the fence, darling?! Surely I'm giving my views without name-calling or patronising behaviour? Something which you seem to display in you "Inexperienced" and "white-chocolate" posts, respectively.

I think one of the problems initially was Alex's, and now your, complete generalisation. As I'm sure you know (or I HOPE you know), when putting any viewpoint across, it is essential NOT to generalise in the chance that anyone listening/marking your work/etc, takes offence. If you'd like me to give an example of this please feel free to meet me once my dissertation's handed in and I'll give you a demonstration!!....

And, as I said before, regardless of YOUR knowledge of YOUR experience, you don't know what EVERYone else has done, prior or during, their time on this course! So if you don't know the facts, don't generalise, son!

I'm glad I ammuse you - I'm sure most people on the course can say that about me - so maybe a career in entertainment is on the cards instead of politics?!.....

Please feel free to write back, but although I'm sure YOUR peers value YOUR opinions, I unfortunatley DON'T!!

How's THAT for sitting of the fence?!


Alex Pullin said...

I'm really getting very tired of all this - you know why I am deleting the postings and so why bother? Do you not have better things to do on a Friday night? - I know I do.

Anonymous said...

Why ARE you deleting the posts?....

The Latrel Spencer thing had nothing to do with so why get rid of it?

They admitted they weren't real & wrong, so you're in the clear, luv.

Bring back the blogs and let everyone see him make a fool of himself

Anonymous said...

Give it a rest people. My flat mate brought this blog to my attention,and I've reviewed the conversation. I have to say that it really does all seem very petty. I can tell you're all very happy about your individual comments and reposts, but there are no marks for 'best bloggers'. Wake up and do some real work. You bastards.

Robin. Graduate of 2003, MA hons

Anonymous said...

Thanks Robin, you really told us!

Nice to see someone that DOESN'T have to do their Dissertation is in on a Friday night with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Every commentator on this blog has embraced Thatcherism. You rave about ambition, compete with each other on a personal level and seem to lack depth or understanding of the condition of society and your own emotions.

Why are you ambitious, and where is this ambition leading you?

Think more about materialism and what it may be doing to the way you feel, does reading about rich people or seeing attractive people make you jealous?

Consider virtue.

You have a choice.

Being an MD, driving a shiny car and having lots of money may not make you as happy as you think. Try to investigate what lies beneath the surface.

Don’t blame or attack each other for the insecurity and frustration you feel. You’re in this together.

Lose your egos and you’ll feel better.

Eat more than you need and you’ll get fat.

I have attached a bar guide so you can go and have fun.


Anonymous said...

I live a continental styled life. It is still very early, I will be eating a great dinner having a few laughs before heading out for night of music and fun.

You bastards


Anonymous said...

See Robin - it's easy to get drawn in isn't it?........

Enjoy your evening sweetheart!


Anonymous said...


I Love you

Are you hot?

MA Hons Love Technology

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I'm really hot, especially after reading your comments.

Educated funny men really turn me on. You wouldn't believe how hard it is spending time with all these northern peasants.

Shall we go and see a film tonight????


Anonymous said...

does anyone know where i can get a new mini, lime green polo shirt with rips in and hair cut that looks like a dead chicken?

i heard that if i do that all the girls doing pr will fancy me.


Anonymous said...

I agree with all of you go-getters. Competition and ambition is fun, fun, fun. It is amazing being better than other people.

Lets all get loads of money, jewels, big engined cars, flat screen TVs. We will be awesome. Lets fly everywhere, buy cheap 2 for 1 food that is shipped around the world wasting fuel, hold the poor down, fuck sustainability. And fuck eachother. Why should we care? Image makes us feel so great.

Anyone see what Posh was wearing to the premiere? Such a fashion faux pas.

Ms Platnum-Boovary

Anonymous said...

P Aaaaaaaaahhhh - you guys are soooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear what's gone off here....bet u wish you'd kept all those comments on that showed people were at least taking your Blog seriously....whether you liked what they had to say or not. This is all a bit of a joke now.

Anonymous said...

Who is Latrine, "A communal toilet of a type often used in a camp or barracks", Spencer?

Anonymous said...

This is the most hilarious thing I have read?!

The best way of gettign in touch with any other PR students!!

Which groups got thru to pitch to Harrison Cowley? We're on eof them but interested if its anyone we know?!


Anonymous said...

Web slagging

Anonymous said...


Do you often drink and smoke naked?

Alex Pullin said...

I'm not naked! It was taken whilst on holiday and I'm wearing a strappy top. Although now I can see what you mean... I might need to get a new photo.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to find out how much discussion this blog has created. After attending the PR party last night (I guess your invition got lost in the post), all people could tell me of was about your ridiculous statements.

For someone with so much ambition, you managed to completely balls up the two modules we worked together on. A different excuse each week for not doing work and not attending or being late for meetings is not going to get you were you wanna be.

Have you not considered the option that you are the one with a problem, not the people you work with, seeing you have had issues with every group you have ever worked with. I apologise to adam and the girls as they are stuck with you due to Anna and mines decision not to work with you on another module that you would innevitably mess up.

I know my time at uni has been so amazing due to the people I have met. There are so many people on this course with ambition, they will be the successful ones as they can at least conduct themselves in a professinal manner.

You need to understand that you have recieved personal attacks from people because your comments are patronsing and honestly offensive.

Well at least this has put you on the map Alex, it's going to be a lonely few months. See you at Graduation!!!


Anonymous said...

who did win the competitive pitch and what happened? Can someone pls tell me

Anonymous said...

We won the pitch. Kalidiescope Communications, quite stressful but great experience. x

Anonymous said...


Personal views aside I thought you (and all the contributors) might be interested to know that this blog entry and following chain has been making it's was around agencies all around the country to mixed reaction. (So far several agency MD's, managers and execs I know have mentioned it to me.) The whole thing may turn out to be the best career builder exercise in the world for you or potentially the worse.

Only time will tell which...will it be something that you look back as a wise move in several years or will you look back and wish that you paused, reflected and edited before posting....

Whatever happens it will be an interesting case study into the power of a blog to make or break.

Ryan Bowd

Anonymous said...

Being one of those Agency types amongst whom your Blog is now circulating, the main thing that's struck me about it is the absolutely dreadful spelling and grammar of many of the bloggers - guys, if you're going to be sending me or my ilk any speculative letters when you graduate, for God's sake, make sure your Spellchecker is on!

Anonymous said...

Being one of those Agency types amongst whom your Blog is now circulating, the main thing that's struck me about it is the absolutely dreadful spelling and grammar of many of the bloggers - guys, if you're going to be sending me or my ilk any speculative letters when you graduate, for God's sake, make sure your Spellchecker is on!

Anonymous said...

It is a shame that Alex's supporters/non-supporters do not get to read the full story here though, given that 20-odd postings got deleted pretty early on - totally manipulating the way the 'conversation' between the commenters is presented to those that did not follow from the offset. I know there has been talk of regret, or not to regret etc, but if you could go back in time Alex, would you still have deleted many of the earlier posts?

Lydia said...

I agree wholeheartedly with the comment above about spelling and grammar. I have recently had many CVs in response to a placement opportunity in the press office of a large company in London and have been horrified at the badly worded and misspelled letters I have received. Only yesterday, someone spelled my name incorrectly and missed an 'e' out of sincerely in a letter telling me their attention to detail was second to none.
I can't stress too strongly the importance of correct spelling and grammar when applying for a job in communications.
Lydia Aydon

Anonymous said...

As a Corporate Communicator of five years standing and an ex-BBC journalist, can I echo the above comment about some of the grammar, spelling and punctuation in the above posts.

As a journalist, I don't care whether the writer of a press release has ambition or not. I care whether it is linguistically correct or whether I have to curb my temper as I wade through misplaced commas, apostrophes and spelling mistakes. THAT is what has more impact on the reputation of a company in my eyes.

As an employer, one mistake in a CV, covering letter or portfolio will ensure you don't get an interview. BTW, too much obvious ambition simply means a entry-level candidate may be looking for a new job sooner. Not good.

Congratulations to most for inspiring and contributing to this fascinating debate.

P.S. Alex, suggest you change your photo. Not as concerned as other posters by the apparent nakedness, but the smoking and drinking sends a strong message about your values, especially as this thread features in PR Week. Think about it.

Anonymous said...

'An entry-level' if you please. Yy goodness, how did you ever get a job as a Corporate Communicator and BBC hack with one spelling mistake like that?!

Believe me, this is good training for PR, as you'll need a thick skin.

Anonymous said...

While Alex should be congratulated for getting her blog spotted by PR Week - smart career move, Alex - it does depress me to see how poor the language skills and spelling are of some of those who have submitted comments.

Great writing skills are essential for all careers in the PR and communications business and in worrying short supply.

However, good wishes to you all.

Sue Stapely FCIPR

Anonymous said...

What a pompous lot the current 'in-work' PR's appear.

Shame on the lot of you.

Anonymous said...

Il Pompino

The anonymous comment above this post clearly illustrates how a person’s ego can become a barrier in the communication process.

The “blogger” feels unsettled and has taken personal offence to the comments a number of communications professionals have made. Because the “blogger’s” ego has been dented they are unable to see the importance of the advice given, instead they have retaliated with a comment that may temporarily make them feel better by elevating their ego, this behaviour was probably followed with self-gratifying comments to their friends such as; “I really told those pompous professionals.”

If they weren’t so trapped by their ego they would find that some commentators are giving sound advice. Maybe it’s a simple error to make, mistaking pomposity with valid advice.

Good writing is essential if you are hoping that your audience will take what you have to say with any seriousness. If you can’t approach communication without your personal bias and prejudices then you’ll struggle to be effective.

Most of the original discussion was fuelled by people’s egos, this is a shame.

Are these people the symptoms of a larger social problem?

Look after your hygiene; be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after doing a blog.

Look out for stealth fat in supermarket bread, obesity is massive.

Thatcher’s kids.

Surface living.

Joseph Sharp

Anonymous said...

To Alex, and most of the people who have responded to this post I say this:

Before you hand in your respective dissertations and apply for jobs you might want to take a refresher course in English, particularly on spelling and grammar and how and when to use an apostrophe.

Your attention to detail is appalling - God forbid you send a press release with those kind of errors to a client!


Anonymous said...

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